Scott Speed’s goal is just winning the race

Scott Speed’s goal is just winning the race

American driver, Scott Speed was an immediate success, since he stepped into rally cross. Yet, he decided to be a Formula E driver and he’s aiming hard to become one of the best. Along his career, he has done a little of everything and never forgot about the most important things of his life.

 Scott Speed finished 2nd in his Formula E debut, after an amazing performance. According to his words, the opportunity of being a Formula E driver is a perk of being part of Andretti family.  He declared: "it’s part of being with the team, it all depends on schedules and time though. GRC is still very much my focus but if we can do some of this on the side that would be great." His IndyCar disappointment in 2011 determined him to quit trying racing the event since he doesn’t feel capable to win and he doesn’t see any reason for coming back. As well, when being asked about a possible return to NASCAR, he denied the chances since he struggled for too many years to be the best and didn’t succeed. For now he remains as a challenger for the GRC where he feels like having the best chances of success.

 With so many performances, we can’t doubt Speed’s future attempts in winning Formula E races, since he deserves to be called one of the best drivers in the GRC.



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