Jimmie Johnson thankful for new guardwall

Jimmie Johnson thankful for new guardwall

Thanks to a new SAFER barrier that was included into the track this year, Jimmie Johnson avoided going headfirst into a solid wall.  The crash took place at the Coca-Cola 600.  The race is held at the Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC.

The incident transpired on the 273rd lap of the race.  This  is when Johnson spun off of the fourth turn and hit the inside wall.  This was right in front of the pit stalls.

The track has had a SAFER barrier for previous races.  This was the first time they placed on in the inside wall.  

Coming really close to sliding between the opening, Johnson was lucky to hit the barrier.  He escaped without injury, and his pit crew was able to fix up the car, and get him back in the race.

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