Car racing events are the weak points of many people. People throng the stands just for a glimpse of their favorite car drivers. Some real die-hard fans actually sell themselves or their body parts just to get a glimpse of their personal favorite drives. Hard-core ones will book their tickets weeks ago so that they avoid any kind of inconvenience till the last moment. Many businesses like food courts, betting groups etc, flourish in such places because these places are crowd pullers. The atmosphere is simply electrifying and amazing and simply beyond ones imagination. When fans return back homes, they have real sore throats.

The name of the speedway is quite unique. It got its name from the nickname given to the district of Pensacola, “City of Five Flags”. The district is the place where this speedway is located. It is a half mile auto racing and of oval shape. This speedway was opened for racing in 1953 and its exact location is Pine Forest Road. During racing season, the speedway conducted several local classes. The season begins from March and ends on October. These classes include many models like, Super Late Models, Pro Late Models, Super Stocks, Sportsman, and Bombers. This track also boasts of various regional touring series. The races are usually hosted on Friday nights and bi-weekly. Now, Five Flags Speedway hosts Grand National also known as Sprint Cup race. The first in these series was won by Herb Thomas and he drove his Fabulous Hudson Hornet.



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