Fernando Alonso wants to try NASCAR

Fernando Alonso wants to try NASCAR

Fernando Alonso, a renowned Spanish Formula One driver, has revealed that he wants to take part in the rewarding NASCAR series. Over the last few months, Alonso has not been spotted driving other racecars apart from his McLaren F1 car. In May 2017, he took part in the Indy 500 and was expected to participate in the Rolex 24 race that was held at Daytona.

However, those two are not the only American race series that Fernando wants to take part in this year. In one of the media events, he said that he would like to take part in NASCAR. Daytona 500 is one of the races he is fond of; nonetheless, he appreciated the fact that NASCAR is one of the most iconic series in the world. Despite being a two-time world champion, he is very humble and mentioned that he would learn a lot from the series.

The draft and traffic management are two of the main aspects that makes the series unique and competitive. According to the report, he confessed that the strategy that is required to shift from one line to another is one of the primary things missing from his current skill set but he is willing to train and perfect his skills before taking part in NASCAR.

Nonetheless, Fernando clarified that he does not envision himself taking part in the series full time due to his current commitments. In his statement, the 36-year old racer said that NASCAR requires a lot of experience and hands-on skills. 

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