The Car Racing Journey

The Car Racing Journey

Car racing is also called as auto or motor racing. It’s a game of automotive in which vehicles compete with each other on a specific race track. The main goal is to cross the finishing line first among other competitors. 

The winners are determined on the basis of total race time, along with the fastest time for the first position and the runner up is usually the second fastest.  Any driver, who’s not able to finish the race, will not be considered for any qualification. That racer will be considered as retired or out of the race. All the retired drivers also have their position determined in order of which driver retired first. 

There are N no. of different racing styles and the rules also differ from each other.  The first match of car racing was arranged on Aug 30th, in 1867. It was arranged between two persons on a decided route. The race distance was twelve kilometers and was won by Philip, a 22 years old boy. 



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