Hyundai's new Iconiq Hybrid car

Hyundai's new Iconiq Hybrid car

It’s hard to challenge Toyota’s dominance of the hybrid car market thanks to their iconic Prius. However, Hyundai is looking to do just that with their new car, appropriately enough called Iconiq.

At first glance, the Iconiq separates itself from the Prius thanks to a sportier look and feel. When you switch the car to Sport mode, it gives you dual clutch, six speed ability, which makes for a more driver friendly experience. The outside of the car matches with a more sleek design than the sometimes maligned Prius when it came to looks.

Most interesting is that the Iconiq will actually be available in three variants: a standard hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and an electric. This gives consumers a choice in terms of what will be most convenient for them, allowing customization for their area (city, suburban or rural) and commutes. It measures up just fine to the Prius in preliminary fuel economy tests, performing slightly better than the Toyota model (it’s worth noting that official EPA tests have not been conducted yet). Something that makes the car even more appealing is strong compatibility with both Apple and Android devices, plus a wireless charging pad. It’s also packed with top safety features, including detecting blind spots and emergency braking.

It remains to be seen if the Iconiq can challenge the Prius within the consumer market, but we’ll soon find out. It has the MPG, looks, and driver experience, not to mention digital compatibility and safety features. Full specifications for the United States models will be announced soon.

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